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40 free photo prints from Tesco:

Tesco is one of the online photo printing services that offers you with the highest number of free photo prints in the current market. By registering with Tesco, you will be able to get 40 free Digital photo prints. The excitement just does not end here, you will be getting prints from 5p each from then on. So what are you waiting for, just register with Tesco Photo and get 40 free prints and also enjoy the low-cost prints.

About Tesco Photo:

Tesco is originally a British International grocery and general merchandising retail chain. It has turned out to be the largest British retailer by both global sales and domestic market share, with profits exceeding 3 billion pounds and it is the third largest global retailer based on revenue, next to Walmart and Carrefour. Tesco Photo is a part of this dynasty.

Website design:

The website design of Tesco Photo is not very flashy as we would expect it to be. There are direct links to each of the major sections of prints, gifts, photo books, photo art, restorations, caricatures, manage your order and share the photos. Then there is the login pane with links to new registrations. Then there is an attractive flash slide show of the current offers, followed by pictures of each. Having the site so simple, there are both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that, you do not have to search for the links as they are upright and straight forward. Whereas, the disadvantage is that, since it is not very interesting, you would get easily bored on spending a few minutes with it.

Registration at Tesco Photo:

The registration process is quite simple, and just takes a couple of minutes. You just need to give the details of yourself and your email. And the registration will be done.

Managing your photos:

Uploading and storing photos in Tesco Photo is very simple. You might be having a digital camera or you can even simply order a CD of your photos while processing the film. Either way, you will be able to easily upload and store photos from your PC. Adding photos to your account could not be easier as detailed instructions are always given.

In the view photos section, you will be able to view and organise your photos. Once you have taken and uploaded some of the photos, you can easily view them within your albums. Sorting of the photos can also be done and you will also be able to copy or move them easily between all albums. This enables you to keep control over your photos.

Order you photos to be printed and you can either have them delivered by mail or you can even collect them in-store, just make sure that your nearest store is in the list of Tesco’s selected Photo stores. With the Easy Prints section, you will be able to order the prints in the easiest way; you will be able to simply upload and order the photos with or without an account. With the free account, you will be able to take full advantage of Tesco’s complete range of prints and gifts or even to simply use them at a later date. However, if you are going to opt for ordering the prints without registering, you might not be entitled to get the 40 free prints.

Print type Print size Price
Glossy print 6″x4″ 1+ – £0.15

50+ – £0.13

100+ – £0.10

150+ – £0.05

Glossy print 7″x5″ 1+ – £0.20

50+ – £0.18

100+ – £0.15

150+ – £0.10

Glossy print 8″x6″ 1+ – £0.25
Glossy print 10″x8″ 1+ – £1.20
Glossy print 12″x8″ 1+ – £1.20
2 sets of Pocket picture 4″x3″ 1+ – £1.77
4 x 3.5″x2.5″ Mini pics 8.75cmX6.25cm 1+ – £0.47
8 ID pictures 3.75cmX5cm 1+ – £1.17
Photo gifts at Tesco Photo:

The unique photo gifts of Tesco will certainly bring a smile on your loved one’s faces. Just select your favourite photo and add it to a mug, T-shirt, Mouse mat and many more interesting gifts. Tesco also offers you the ability to send it directly to the recipient. The gift ideas range from clothing and accessories, photo books, personalised news papers, table ware and cards and calendars.

Look who is making news:

The personalised newspaper is a great gift idea which is not available with most of the other photo printing services. They offer a completely realistic, full sized tabloid newspaper front or back pages with your photo and headline. There is a large section of templates available from which you will be able to make a choice and each one has a 350 word article that relates to your headline. This latest technology allows you to create your own newspaper online in just less than a minute and you will be able to create and view your own news paper with your photo, name and 350 words. This gift is not very cheap, but is not too costly either.

There are four options available with this gift: Single page, Tabloid page, standard frame and Special frame. In the single page option, you can choose your headline, photo and details merged with one of Tesco’s stories. The Tabloid page is your personalised front or back page with a tropical page to produce a full tabloid cover and it is ideal to wrap round a mainstream.

Clothing and accessories:

The clothing and accessories gifts section does not have much option. They include child’s t-shirt, adult unisex t-shirt, ladies t-shirt, small jute bag, medium jute bag, large jute bag and a wallet. This section looks much like the budget option.

Cards, calendars and tableware:

The other gift option includes greeting cards, calendars of all sizes and some interesting tableware. The tableware collection includes Ceramic mugs, Porcelain mug, Tiled Mug, Coasters and Place mats.

Gift type Image Size Gift Size Price
Mousemat 25cmx19cm 25cm x 19cm x 0.6cm 1+ – £5.84
Single Image Mug 7.5cmX8.5cm 11oz 1+ – £3.41
Acrylic Key Ring 5cmx3.5cm - 1+ – £1.50
Acrylic Photo Magnet 7.5cmx5cm - 1+ – £4.37
Photo Books:

Photo books is in fact are one of the best gift that you can ever give or have for yourself. The Tesco photo books have been fabulously printed and produced books that have to be the smartest way to organise and present your digital photos. With this option, you can give your photos the professional treatment.

In order to order the photo books, you have to download a Tesco’s software. You can have great fun organising your digital photos and creating your own customised photobook using your own system, in your own pace and the comfort of your house. The photobook will be finished and will be mailed in approximately 14 days. The cover options offered by Tesco Photo includes Linen in choice of 12 shades, Faux leather in choice of 4 colours, Bonded leather in a choice of 2 colours and you are also given the option to put your own photograph on a softback or hardback cover. This is a new option and we guess that it will be the option of most of the orders.

Photo art:

With the Photo Art facility offered by Tesco, you will be able to create your own look to define your own space using your own digital photos. Tesco has photo canvases, frames and posters which can be used to display your favourite photos in a professional way. Whatever the memory may be, that holiday of a lifetime, wedding day, baby’s first steps or that special photo that speaks a thousand words; display it in style with these Photo Art items.

Acrylic panels and Blocks:

You can turn one of your favourite photos into a feature work of art for your home with one of Tesco’s high quality acrylic wall panels or acrylic blocks. These acrylics are great for adding the classic personal touch to your home, or even a very special gift. Your photo is digitally printed with UV inks into an acrylic panel and comes with brushed metal corner fixtures which allows the acrylic to sit about 25mm off the wall to create a very stylish 3D appearance. The Acrylic blocks give your photo a modern look. They are free standing and they too can look 3D because of their depth.

Boxed frame prints:

The boxed frame prints are certainly the ideal way to show off your best shots. Just choose a style and the photo, Tesco Photo will put it together for you. They will look great in any room and are an ideal gift for your friends or family. The stylish wooden boxed frame is available in a choice of three colours: Pine, Black and Warm Brown. These are just ideal for any home or office.

Canvas Prints:

Canvas prints allow you to go large as their canvases are printed on gallery quality canvas and is stretched across the wooden frames for a professional look and easy hanging. The variety of sizes and formats that they are available in make a real statement. Your digital images are printed onto high quality canvas then they are stretched onto a hidden frame ready for you to hang. Larger canvas prints may require a higher resolution photo than most gifts, so we recommend that you upload your images via the Browse & Upload facility of tesco. Tesco offers you with four type of canvas prints: 1 panel canvas, 4 panel canvas print, 6 panel canvas print and 3 panel canvas prints. You are also offered with two edge styles: colour style and mirror style. And they are available in colours including Taupe, pink, blue, white, magnolia, green and stone.

Canvas type Print size Price
1-panel canvas print 20cmx20cm 1+ – £23.95
single landscape canvas print 30cmx20cm 1+ – £27.37
1-panel canvas print 30cmx30cm 1+ – £30.80
1-panel landscape canvas print 40cmx30cm 1+ – £34.23
1-panel canvas print 40cmx40cm 1+ – £41.08
1-panel landscape canvas print 60cmx40cm 1+ – £54.78
1-panel landscape canvas print 75cmx50cm 1+ – £58.20
1-panel canvas print 60cmx60cm 1+ – £61.63
1-panel landscape canvas print 100cmx75cm 1+ – £92.46
1-panel landscape canvas print 125cmx100cm 1+ – £106.16
1-panel landscape canvas print 150cmx100cm 1+ – £113.01
4-panel canvas print 40cmx40cm 1+ – £61.63
4-panel canvas print 60cmx60cm 1+ – £75.33
4-panel canvas print 80cmx80cm 1+ – £92.46
6-panel landscape canvas print 60cmx40cm 1+ – £89.03
6-panel landscape canvas print 90cmx60cm 1+ – £102.73
6-panel landscape canvas print 120cmx80cm 1+ – £123.29
3-panel landscape canvas print 90cmx60cm 1+ – £95.88
3-panel landscape canvas print 125cmx90cm 1+ – £130.14

If you have a wall that is simply missing something special, Tesco Photo can help you with some super sized photos by turning your favourite photos into posters. The posters are available in three sizes with matte finish and are delivered direct to your door in a special protective packaging.

Restoration and Caricatures Service at Tesco Photo:

With the restoration and caricature services from Tesco, you will be able to transform and bring some extra life into your photos. Caricatures are a great option if you are stuck for gift ideas. It is a great opportunity to create a personalised gift for family or friends, which is both fun and colourful. They have some templates, but it left us asking for more. The templates available include football, fishing, golf or even just a simple portrait. The finished caricature will of size 10 x 8”.

Photo restoration can save irreplaceable heirloom pictures and preserve an important part of your family history. Surprising amounts of detail can be revealed; the features on people’s faces, their clothes or pieces of jewellery that may even still be in the family. A beautifully restored picture makes an unusual, unique and also a very personal gift. The restored photos are delivered in a 10 x 8” card mount and we can also return the image on CD, so you will be able order the prints and gifts along with your newly restored photo.


Tesco Photo, as in the case of its parent, is a very well known service and hence reliable. The website is simple, however, as a result, the navigation is easier. The shipping costs seem to be average and same is the case of the quality of the prints. If you are looking for good quality of prints, then you might like the service of the SnapFish Online Photo Printing services; but if you are looking for prints at budget prices, then Tesco Photo will please you.